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Film Music

Are you a Film/Music Editor looking for temp tracks?
I'd love to provide you with downloadable versions of my music!

Send me an email at cboth.composer (@)

Catalogue of Media Scoring









Walking Away --  [In Progress] Drama


Worth --  Short Film, Drama

Wedding Cake -- "Best Narrative Short Film" at the 2023 Cannes International Cinema Festival

Fool's Gold -- Winner of the CWVFF 48-Hr film competition

Murder in B-Flat Minor -- Web-series produced by the GSU College of the Arts, in which three composers were selected to co-compose for the series

Borrowed Time -- Re-Scored Animation

That's Not Standard Issue -- Re-scored Westworld Scene for Spitfire Audio competition

Eye of the Beholder -- Student Documentary


Anchor 1

Borrowed Time -- This animated short film by Quorum Films shows a weathered sheriff returning to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. The original music in this video was composed and produced by Caleb Both, and the sound re-design was crafted by his classmate, Eddie Souter.

Anchor 2

That's Not Standard Issue -- This scene from HBO's Westworld was provided for Spitfire Audio's first film scoring competition, in which contestants were given limited time to compose and produce an original score. 

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